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New Release : Citrine Field Production Analysis Module

In collaboration with DeGolyer and MacNaughton this new module enables the rapid load of mass public or client sources for the processing of multi well data. Particularly suited to Unconventional plays Citrine uses visualization trend identification and multi well comparison enabling the user to fully understand and interpret field performance using diagnostics and decline curve analysis.

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14 March 2014

New external models for unconventional resources
Addition to external model library now includes the SRV bounded and trilinear analytical models for use in unconventional resources.
14 January 2014

2014 public courses
Registrations for public courses in 2014 are open.
Click here to access our global schedule

24 October 2013

KAPPA video room
The KAPPA Video room is now open with short videos showing workflow, methods and top tips for using KAPPA software.
12 June 2013

Ecrin v4.30
Ecrin v4.30 is released. Please refer to the Update Notes on the Ecrin download page for details.
15 February 2013

KAPPA Server v5.0
KAPPA Server v5.0 is released. KAPPA Server is the Generation 5 replacement for Diamant Master. This version is a complete redesign of Diamant Master and its client part – Diamant- provided in v5 as a stand-alone program called KAPPA Client. A number of major additions are brought to v5.0 such as a second generation wavelet, an OpenServer interface, etc. Please refer to the Update Notes on the KAPPA Server download page for details.
21 December 2012

KAPPA Viz v5.0
KAPPA Viz v5.0 is released. This collaborative 3D environment offers a virtual meeting place for sharing 3D objects over an intranet or very narrow internet bandwidths. KAPPA Viz can handle 3D objects of any size and format generated by KAPPA or any third party application. Models and logs from Ecrin are imported by a single drag and drop. Third party objects such as seismic blocks, geomodels, simulations and logs are handled by a series a plug-ins. Please refer to the White Pages on the KAPPA Viz download page for details.
21 December 2012

2013 public courses
Registrations for public courses in 2013 are open.
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16 November 2012

KAPPA reading room
The KAPPA reading room is now open with all technical papers, tutorials and update notes available to read or download.
5 October 2012

Paper on Near-Well Discretization Controls
This KAPPA paper on discretization controls describes a new approach to improve near-well numerical computations. This approach involves generalized transmissibility derivations and a procedure to automatically adapt the mesh resolution. Click here for more.
12 September 2012

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