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Paper on Near-Well Discretization Controls
12 September 2012

Grid refinements and near-well transmissibilities are known to be of primary influence on numerical simulation, both at early and late time. In order to account for strong non-linearity of the pressure field in the vicinity of wellbores (or hydraulic fractures), we developed a new approach for near-well transmissibility derivations. This approach is used automatically by the wriggly well model released in v4.30. It is also released as an option for the multiple-fractures horizontal wells in v4.30.

This paper focuses on low-permeability contexts, where the method is used in conjunction with our (Ecrin v4.20) procedure to automatically adapt the resolution of near-well cells.

These two techniques provide general and efficient controls to ensure accurate derivations at every time scale. 

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Transmissibility corrections 
Vincent Artus – Dorian Fructus
12th September 2012 1.3 MB