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Dynamic Data Analysis (DDA I and II)
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  • A two week course covering all aspects of Dynamic Data Analysis
  • Includes theory and practice of pressure transient and production decline analysis
  • Recent developments in the handling of data from permanent downhole or surface gauges
This is the flagship KAPPA course covering the core subjects and methodology used in KAPPA software. At the end of the course attendees will have a strong theoretical and practical grounding in handling pressure and rate data from the management of such data through to the analysis and practical operational use of the results.
The emphasis is on production data management and processing as well as the visual and conceptual approach to transient and production analysis. Essential mathematics is included in the detailed appendix provided in the KAPPA Dynamic Data Analysis Handbook.
There is a strong emphasis on handling real data throughout. Participants are strongly advised to bring, or to send to KAPPA in advance of the course, permanent gauge, transient and decline data for processing and analyzing during this course.

Course programme
The DDA course can be taken in one two-week session or in two, one-week sessions. To attend the second week PA/PDG (DDA II) course engineers must have already attended the Foundation PTA course (DDA I) or equivalent.
The first week of the Dynamic Data Analysis course (DDA I) is the Foundation Pressure Transient Analysis (FPTA) course.
The second week (DDA II) is the Production Analysis and Permanent Downhole Gauge (PA/PDG) course.
If you plan to attend only the PA/PDG (DDA II) we strongly recommend that you check your current level of knowledge by taking the self assessment test on our website.
The use of the Ecrin DDA software suite including the PTA module (Saphir), the PA module (Topaze) and the PDG Data Management Module (Diamant) will be taught as part of this course.
For a comprehensive course content please see the PTA (DDA Part I) and the PA/PDG (DDA II) pages in this booklet.