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Foundation Production Log Interpretation
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  • Emphasis on real data with real life examples
  • Production logging tools limitations, application and data interpretation
  • Immediate return on investment with attendees able to perform commercial analysis upon completion of the course
The KAPPA foundation PL course has been designed to teach the generic methodology and the practice of production log analysis, in addition to the mechanics of Emeraude software which is learned almost as a by-product. The emphasis is therefore on a visual and conceptual approach to interpretation including only essential mathematics. Non-essential formulae and derivations are provided in the accompanying literature, including all the presentation material.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own production log datasets to be worked in class.
At the end of the course the user should be capable of making a reasonable basic interpretation and have the foundations for developing further experience in production log interpretation.

Course programme
Basic theory
Sensors and measurements, their accuracy, application and resolution. Spinner calibration, essential PL concepts including hold up and slippage. Basic PVT and flow correlations. Two phase and three phase models.
Judging data quality, selecting passes, editing and comparing with simulated data. Tips for QA/QC on all sensors. Programming a PL job for best results.
Demonstration of the interpretation method and ‘hands on’ exercises using Emeraude mean that the participant gains a sound working knowledge in the use of the application and the basics of the interpretation process.
Emeraude features
Advanced features of Emeraude not used during the basic course are demonstrated to make the participants aware of options available in the application. This includes an introduction to horizontal well logging including the Schlumberger FSI™ and Sondex MAPS™ suite. These subjects are covered fully during the Horizontal well PL interpretation course.

DateCourse TitleLocationInstructorsCostBook
18 - 22 May 2014
Foundation PL Abu Dhabi
David WYNNE 2900 Register
19 - 23 May 2014
Foundation PL Carthage
Mike PEARSON 2900 Register
23 - 27 Jun 2014
Foundation PL Calgary
David WYNNE 3950 $ Register
29 Sep - 3 Oct 2014
Foundation PL Sophia Antipolis
David WYNNE 2900 Register
3 - 7 Nov 2014
Foundation PL Bali
Yusak BARNABAS 3950 $ Register
All courses are conducted in English unless otherwise notified