The Big Shut-In

Without doubt OPCOs would rather not shut-in wells. But, as everyone knows, this is happening.

In this series of informal presentations and discussions, using the KAPPA suite, we will show how to grab the positives out of this unprecedented engineering opportunity that admittedly, we wish we did not have.

The decision to shut a well is multi-disciplinary and not the subject of these sessions. Here we aim to show, using the software, how to analyse data quickly and effectively.

In these live sessions our team will engage with users to discuss issues ranging from P; i, star or bar? Why does my derivative look nothing like the textbook? How big, or small, is my reservoir? How do I run an interference test? Notes from the reservoir detective; time to re-analyse and re-evaluate.

To join, you will need to have a KAPPA account. We strongly recommend you to test your connection beforehand.

* This is a public, open and non-confidential session. KAPPA takes no responsibility for questions and unreleased data that may be sent to these sessions that might be of commercially sensitive nature.

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