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KAPPA Courses
KAPPA courses | In-house training | Free training | Consulting

The objective of a KAPPA course is to deliver practical training, the knowledge from which can be employed immediately in the commercial world. The training provides essential theoretical knowledge and then immediately concentrates on the real-world use of analysis.
Workflows are developed to QAQC data, start at the most basic level and then develop into the most complex realms, as they are required.
There is an overlap between methodologies; working close to the wellbore or on full-field scale, the physics governing the behavior is the same but the methods of processing and presenting the data varies.
From 2013, the Foundation PTA/RTA course combines PTA and RTA analysis theory and practice.
The Advanced PTA/RTA course builds on this knowledge by including more complex geometry, fluids and testing methods.
The Foundation PL course teaches the QAQC and analysis of conventional single and multiphase logs. The HPL (Horizontal PL) course covers the complexities of MPT (Multi-Probe Tools) such as the Schlumberger FSITM and the GE Sondex MAPSTM suite.
The Rubis Modeling and problem solving course deals with ‘what-ifs?’ and real life production issues such as coning, well placement and forecasting.
Workflow training from the handling of PDG data through to the interconnectivity is offered through the Ecrin DDA software course
Public courses are delivered worldwide. KAPPA also trains hundreds of engineers every year in client specific in-house courses and workshops.
Clients have access to software support through extensive contextual help in the application, our regional offices, web collaboration tools and interactive videos.
Our consultants are some of the most experienced in their field in the industry and are available for short or long term interventions anywhere in the world.
Public trainings are governed by KAPPA General Public Training Conditions (GPTC).