KAPPA Ducks application

Believe it or not we are a serious engineering software company but we also give away ducks! These little chaps have proved to be massively popular and there are thousands around the world. But if something is missing in your life and you have not had the opportunity to get hold of a KAPPA duck IRL now is your opportunity to fool your friends into believing you are a proud owner.

This app gives you an augmented reality version of a KAPPA duck. You have the power to control the size, color and position in the comfort of your own room/office/tent or wherever. The duck can emerge from your desk and fly around. When you tire of the duck try shooting them out of the sky.

To enable the duck to orientate itself in real space you will need to print the marker page and point your phone or iPad at it.

Send us a picture or your duck at ducks@kappoeng.com and we’ll post it on our website .