Going Carbon Neutral

Over the previous decade KAPPA has worked at reducing its Carbon footprint by choosing energy efficient offices and running EVs. In 2020 we conducted our first formal CO2 audit and as a result, continue to work to reduce our footprint and offset where this is not possible.

Our activity in reservoir engineering gravitates naturally towards CCUS, which will certainly be added to our offset portfolio once it is mainstream. Until this time, our offset effort will be focused 100% on planting trees, in France and abroad, through a collaboration with Reforest’Action.

Since 2021 we have offset our total emissions (direct + indirect) from 2019, 2020 and 2021 by having a little less than 60,000 tress planted in eight different countries. This compensation corresponds to our direct emissions since 2015. Our objective is to keep on offsetting our total emissions until we compensate our direct emissions since the founding of the company in 1987.