• In depth experience in chosen disciplines
  • Long term assignment, or short interventions
  • Extensive technical back up

KAPPA started out as a consulting business. Now, what do you say about consulting services that does not make our engineers sound too much like people who should wear red capes and get changed in a telephone box?

Suffice to say our consultants are real consultants. This means at least a few grey hairs and they have been in practice for, typically, 20 years or more. They have the confidence to say ‘no’ to the impossible, ‘don’t know’ when they don’t and avoid jargon and circuitous answers. We are being paid to assist, not to confuse.

We concentrate only on our proven areas of expertise. Almost all of our engineers are trainers in their own right and therefore aim to educate as they consult.

They do not spend hours on pretty PowerPoint presentations but the content is backed up by years of experience and, collectively, probably the greatest resource in our chosen disciplines in the industry.

We will say it because others have and we have great faith in our people; KAPPA engineers are some of the best in the industry.

KAPPA consultant engineers are available for long fixed term assignments or short rapid response cases and all variations between. They can programme tests, monitor, and process and analyze the final results offering technology transfer, single or full field analysis and operator presentations as required.

Now…where is that red cape?

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