A little history

A while back we thought it would be fun to give away a blue duck with our logo on his chest.

People loved it.

In fact people loved it so much we now have a duck to represent the colour of each of our software modules and they collect the sets, for themselves, family , ...dogs.

Top of mount Elborus (5642m), Russia

Send your own!

There are now thousands of these little fellows around the world happily adorning offices, playrooms and kennels in all their colours and glory. They make people smile and that is great.

We kind of expected the craze would fizzle out but no, we are now getting pictures from people showing the exploits of their ducks from around the globe. So we have decided to post these on this rather unusual page for a bit of fun.

Feel free send your duck pix to us at ducks@kappoeng.com with a little sentence of explanation if you wish.