About the Course

Permanent Downhole Gauges (PDG) are a remarkable source of information of both long term production data and the capture of occasional build-ups that may be described as ‘free well tests’. Data are acquired at high frequency and over a long duration. The down side is the large number of data points gathered, which can amount to hundreds of millions per sensor which is far beyond the processing capability of today’s fastest PC. There are a number of challenges: storing and accessing the raw data, filtering, transferring this to the relevant analysis module and finally sharing both filtered data and analyses.

KAPPA-Server is a client-server solution for PDG reservoir surveillance that addresses these issues in a shared environment. It permanently mirrors raw data from any data historian, reduces the number of points with wavelet-based filtering, stores and shares the filtered data. Filtered data can be exported to third party databases.

KAPPA-Server short courses

The session will look at the basic KAPPA server workflow involving mirroring high frequency tags from a historian, setting up filters for PTA & RTA and transfer of Filtered data (pressures & rates) into Saphir/Topaze KW modules for analysis.

Pre-Requisites to attend the course

  • Good internet connection is necessary for participation in this training as we will be streaming video and using remote desktop protocol (RDP) access to KAPPA Workstation. Highly recommended min 5Mbit upload and 5Mbit download. Check your internet speed here: https://www.speedtest.net/.
  • Although very beneficial, no prior knowledge of KAPPA software is required. The software, for individual, personal non-commercial use, will be provided before the course.
  • Please note that training is done using ZOOM.
  • All training is done with KAPPA-workstation v5.30.03. Examples and workflows will not work in earlier versions.
  • We advise two screens are used so you can see trainer’s screen and work on your own screen.
  • In some sessions we may operate an ‘observer’s gallery’ which allows participants who were not able to secure hands-on place to watch and learn.
  • If you have any questions please email: public-course@kappoeng.com


All courses are conducted in English unless otherwise notified.
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