Well Integrity Monitoring

  • Three-day course covering integrity evaluation of the different well barriers
  • Hands-on experience interpreting MFC, Noise logs, cement evaluation tools, and temperature
  • Applications of leak detection, P&A, interventions planning, flow behind pipe, well life estimation

This course covers theoretical and practical aspects of the main well integrity evaluation tools currently available in the market.

It is common for the final user of these logs to receive field prints or rush interpretations, which may be inaccurate due to the application of automatic processes by the acquisition systems. More often than not, these deliverables typically focus on one particular integrity issue only and do not give the full picture which is possible when integrating these logs with other well data. Much more value can be extracted from these logs when analysed with the correct tools and proper understanding of the different processing steps.

At the end of the course the user will understand the principle, acquisition, and limitations of these measurements, and will also be able to perform a quality check and basic interpretation of the different tools using Emeraude.

Course programme

Basic theory

Principles, applications and operations of well integrity logging tools including multifinger caliper, magnetic thickness, pulse-echo tools, sonic and ultrasonic cement evaluation, noise logging, etc.


Hands-on experience using Emeraude. Load, QC and interpretation of the main well integrity logging tools.


Emphasis on real cases, including leak detection, cement channelling, Plug and Abandonment and pipe life prediction.


All courses are conducted in English unless otherwise notified.
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