Production Logging Reservoir Surveillance (why PL?)

  • Generic training for engineers requiring an overview of production logging and where the technique fits in the reservoir surveillance suite
  • Three day overview of PL planning, acquisition and interpretation

Traditionally PL has been seen as a ‘black art’ called in when all else fails. This course is designed to dispel that myth and gives an introduction to the reservoir engineering aspects of the technique as a part of the surveillance suite. It introduces the link between the reservoir engineer’s objectives, job planning, tool selection, job execution and the final interpretation. Whilst the objective is not to teach the use of the software attendees get to work with real data, handson, to appreciate the issues faced in planning, running and interpreting the results of a successful PL job.

Course programme

Reservoir engineering principles, reservoir monitoring: a review of the means and methods.

Production Logging objectives, tools and sensors, types of PL: single and multi phase, deviated and horizontal memory PL, temperature, sensing and modeling, accuracies and sensitivities: PVT, interpretation models, integration into the reservoir model, examples and interpretations. A hands-on session looking at some real data and examples is included.

This is NOT a course on production log interpretation.


All courses are conducted in English unless otherwise notified.
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