Well Integrity Monitoring

Preventing the uncontrolled movement of formation fluids is a crucial responsibility for OPCOs throughout the life of the well. The operational conditions of the well, intervention (fracturing, plug setting, etc.) and finally plug & abandon (P&A) operations are subject to the integrity status of various well barriers.

In this series of webinars, we will show the application of various cased hole logging techniques, which will hopefully allow us to determine the well’s current condition. This information will allow us to take informed decisions in order to produce the well safely and for a longer period.

In these live sessions our team will be joined by industry experts that will share their knowledge and stories on these topics.

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* This is a public, open and non-confidential session. KAPPA takes no responsibility for questions and unreleased data that may be sent to these sessions that might be of commercially sensitive nature.

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