Let me embrace thee, sour adversity

These days, you will read everywhere that times of adversity are also times of opportunity. Not only do we agree, but KAPPA is a living example of how true this is. KAPPA was created in 1987 during a serious industry crisis, the only one reasonably comparable with the one we are living through now. At this time everybody agreed, the KAPPA founders included, that it was the worst possible time to start a business. In retrospect it was the best possible time, the opportunity came and we took it. In a sense KAPPA owes its existence to the 1986 crisis.

Nevertheless, a crisis is never welcomed with joy. There are unpleasant realities, the worst of which being the need to let some good people go. But once the threat is addressed and the business is once again stable, there comes the time to consider what opportunities lie ahead. In the case of KAPPA, and indeed of IFPEN and Beicip-Franlab, this was the occasion to have a close look at what we are doing and what we could do much better.

In September 2016 IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), its affiliate BeicipFranlab (BF) and KAPPA Engineering (KAPPA) announced the formation of a partnership to offer the industry a new comprehensive reservoir engineering software workflow. This partnership has started with the addition to the KAPPA software portfolio of two IFPEN reservoir engineering software products: PumaFlow and PVTFlow. PumaFlow is a full-field multipurpose reservoir simulator. PumaFlow offers a user-friendly interface and a numerical kernel known for its rigorous handling of a wide variety of reservoir problems, including fractured formations and EOR. PVTFlow integrates a comprehensive thermodynamic library that can process lab data and feed KAPPA models with black-oil and EOS PVT.

These two products are potential market leaders and they complement our software portfolio whilst bridging the gap with other Geoscience fields. As a technically driven company, it is also of great interest for KAPPA to establish a long-term relationship with a technology provider seen as a reference in the industry.

Connections are being implemented between PumaFlow, PVTFlow and the KAPPA software suite. Further integration will follow. This agreement will increase client technical support in the field, extending the dynamic data workflow to true full-field applications.

For more information please contact infos@kappoeng.com