KAPPA is primarily a petroleum engineering software company.

The fifth generation of integrated software platform (KAPPA-Workstation) is the industry standard for the analysis of dynamic data. It includes modules for Pressure Transient Analysis (Saphir), Rate Transient Analysis (Topaze), full field numerical modeling (Rubis) and Formation Testing (Azurite). The freestanding Production Logging (Emeraude) and Field Performance Analysis software (Citrine) are in the process of being integrated into the KAPPA-Workstation.

To seamlessly connect and process Permanent Gauges and production data in the KAPPA-Workstation modules KAPPA has developed KAPPA-Server, a client-server solution that processes centrally and then shares permanent gauge data, production data, technical objects and various documents in a coherent environment for real-time reservoir surveillance.

Founded in 1987, KAPPA has over 6000 active commercial software licenses used by more than 600 companies worldwide. KAPPA is independent and 80% owned by its employees. With its main development office in Sophia Antipolis, France, and regional offices in Houston, Saint-Petersburg and Bahrain, KAPPA is also present in fifteen other countries with local offices and distributors. KAPPA offers complementary Training and Consulting Services (TCS) which is based near Gatwick, UK. It trains hundreds of engineers every year in their chosen disciplines.