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About the Course

Emeraude, the industry standard PL Interpretation software, is used by operators and service companies alike.
It comes with a user interface that is both intuitive and sophisticated, giving the user full control at all stages of the PL interpretation workflow. Right from importing the raw data, through all aspects of QAQC, to the computation, and final display and output of quantitative and qualitative results.
The interpreter also has access to the latest Thermal models in the industry, coupled with state-of-the-art tools for the display, extraction, and interpretation of DTS data.
Libraries of the latest generation of Multiple Probe logging tools are continually updated for all PL tool manufacturers, required when working on and interpreting array PL data recorded in horizontal wells.

Production Logging Examples short courses

The session will look at the analysis and interpretation of production logging data, working on key issues for a specific chosen example. These include but are not limited to:

  • Water injector interpretation in Emeraude
  • Zones rates and correlations in Emeraude
  • Pulsed neutron logging interpretation
  • Import and QAQC of a conventional PL dataset
  • Multiple probes tools processing
  • Temperature based production profiling
  • Injection profiling
  • MFC interpretation in Emeraude

Pre-Requisites to attend the course

  • For Emeraude sessions the data files to be used in the hands-on part of the session are contained in the installation folder of Emeraude v5.30. Please make sure you have the latest Emeraude version installed on your computer.
  • Although very beneficial, no prior knowledge of KAPPA software is required. The software, for individual, personal non-commercial use, will be provided before the course.
  • Please note that training is done using ZOOM.
  • All training is done with KAPPA-workstation v5.30.03. Examples and workflows will not work in earlier versions.
  • We advise two screens are used so you can see trainer’s screen and work on your own screen.
  • In some sessions we may operate an ‘observer’s gallery’ which allows participants who were not able to secure hands-on place to watch and learn.
  • If you have any questions please email:


All courses are conducted in English unless otherwise notified.
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