KAPPA is the leading provider of Dynamic Data Analysis software, training and consulting services. Data are analysed on whatever scale is available, from high frequency, high resolution transient data through low frequency, low resolution rate data in production analysis and on into full field history matching and vertical description using production log and formation test analysis. Generation 5 speeds workflows, connectivity and provides a powerful platform for the future and automation.

KAPPA-Workstation is an integrated engineering suite which offers analysis and modeling tools for reservoir dynamic data. Our clients told us to ‘think open and think big…’ For this reason, Generation 5 is fully 64-bit, it uses parallel processing for today’s multicore processors and data is fully integrated between KAPPA modules and other programs via OpenServer.

  • Saphir - Pressure Transient Analysis

    Saphir, the Pressure Transient (PTA) module of KAPPA-Workstation, is the industry standard with over 3000 active installations. With a methodology based on the Bourdet derivative, Saphir offers an extensive and growing analytical model library.

    The Voronoi numerical model has been developed to handle the increasing complexity of producing wells, solving exactly the multi-phase and complex geometry cases for multiple wells and layers.


    • Industry standard for Pressure Transient Analysis
    • Extensive analytical model library
    • Interactive diagnostic tools for model matching
    • Integrated numerical model with non-linearity
    • Test design, QAQC and sensitivity analysis
    • Deconvolution and minifrac
    • Use in conjunction with Topaze to analyse the rate history to ‘see’ further into the reservoir.
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  • Topaze - Rate Transient Analysis

    Moving deeper into the reservoir and typically making use of low resolution, low frequency data Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) has recently come of age. Evolving from empirical decline curve methods to modern methodology that shares much with pressure transient analysis (PTA).

    With over 1400 commercial licenses, Topaze, the KAPPA-Workstation RTA tool, offers single and multi-well analytical and numerical analysis leading to reserves and production forecasting from the most simple to most complex multiphase case.


    • Unconventional Resource modeling
    • Multiwell capability
    • Seamless connection to KAPPA-Server and other analysis modules
    • Extensive analytical model library
    • Integrated numerical model with non-linearity
    • Complex multiply-fractured horizontal well model
    • Use in conjunction with Saphir to also match models with build-up data
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  • Rubis - Numerical Modeling

    Rubis, the full-field numerical module of the KAPPA-Workstation, offers the specialist and non-specialist alike, an easily built click-and-draw model in minutes as opposed to hours or days. Multiple forecasts, reserves and investigation of possible intervention opportunities can be run and history matched in a very short time frame. Rubis sits between single cell material balance and massive simulation models. It replaces neither, but does much of the work of both.


    • Simple, interactive 3D click and draw build process
    • Automatic gridding
    • Full compatibility with Saphir and Topaze
    • Direct Permanent Gauges (KAPPA-Server) data link
    • GRDECL and CMG import
    • Build and run in minutes
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  • Emeraude - Cased Hole Logging

    With over 1,100 active licenses, KAPPA Emeraude, the Integrated Cased Hole Logging Platform, is used by all the major service companies, many operating companies and independent contractors worldwide. Analyze data from any PL string (conventional or multi-probe), multifinger caliper, cement evaluation, noise logs and pulsed neutron tools.


    • Industry standard PL platform
    • Multi-probe PL tools: FSI, MAPS, FAST, PAI
    • Multifinger Caliper interpretation and 3D display
    • DTS data display and thermal analysis
    • Noise logging processing
    • Cement evaluation
    • Pulsed Neutron (Sigma) interpretation
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  • Citrine - Field Performance Analysis

    Citrine, the Field Performance Analysis tool, handles large datasets typically found in unconventional reservoirs. The primary objective is to analyze these wells to provide regular forecasts and reserves. With such massive data, there is insufficient time to precisely model every well. Citrine offers a workflow that consists of identifying well groups then analyzing ‘type wells’ within these groups. In addition to the use of traditional decline curve analysis techniques, the workflow can include rigorous model based analysis in Topaze or Rubis that may act as proxy for the wider well group or groups.


    • Optimised for unconventional play workflows
    • Unlimited number of wells, ADO, 98c, Aries load
    • Visualization, flow regime and trend identification
    • Plot "anything versus anything"
    • Wide range of traditional decline curve analysis techniques
    • Transfer of well data to Topaze and Rubis for rigorous analytical/numerical modeling
    • Nonlinear regression on model parameters
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  • Azurite - Formation Testing

    Combining the capabilities of the new KAPPA Generation 5, Azurite offers, in an integrated environment, the ability to process raw FT data from any service company, switching seamlessly between vs time and vs depth views. QAQC, quick pretest calculation, comprehensive PTA and gradient/contact determination is available in a single workflow.


    • Merging of vs depth and vs time data in a single application
    • Handling of unlimited number of stations
    • Automated test identification / quality rating / pressure and mobility profile vs TVD
    • Definition of fluid gradients and contacts
    • Pressure Transient Analysis – Analytical model library
    • Built-in tool modules and mnemonics catalog
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  • KAPPA-Server

    Permanent Gauges are a wonderful, data-rich witness of reservoir behavior, but without organization they only add to the end-user feeling of data overload.

    KAPPA-Server addresses the issue of capturing massive Permanent Gauges data in a useable, smart-filtered form for transient/production analysis and history matching.


    • Extensive global deployment
    • Unlimited gauge and data capability
    • Seamless connection to KAPPA-Workstation analysis modules
    • Mathpack, alarms and auto-update
    • Automatic buildup identification and rate allocation
    • Smart filtering and de-noising
    • Shared data, object and analysis environment
    • Export for P10/P50/P90 forecasts
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