Generation 5 (v5.60) Tutorials

Going through the Rubis Tutorials, you will be guided step by step to learn how to use the main features to create a 3D simulation model:
  • The creation of a new document,
  • The Reservoir model definition and construction (loading the input information, the reservoir geometry and the reservoir properties),
  • The wells creation (modifying the perforation intervals, defining a well schedule, loading the well sketch).
  • The Model Initialization.
  • The simulation and its parameters.
  • The simulation results: Well result plot, Production logs plot, 3D plot.

Part of Rubis+, The Rubis-Network Tutorials will guide you step by step through the basic Features (including the Coarse Grid for Material Balance) by building a simplistic surface Netwok on top of an existing Rubis model and by being simulated.