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The objective of a KAPPA course is to deliver practical training, the knowledge from which can be employed immediately in the commercial world. The training provides essential theoretical knowledge and then immediately concentrates on the real-world use of analysis.

Dynamic Data Analysis of reservoir data can be made at different scales in both time and space. The physics remains the same but the type of data, be it high-resolution pressure or low-resolution rate, and the scale, be it over minutes or years, near wellbore or full field, requires different analysis methods and tools.

All courses include applicable and relevant theory, data QAQC and then move to the practical analysis of data overlapping, where applicable, with other analysis methods.

The PTA/RTA Week 1 course combines PTA and RTA analysis theory and practice. The PTA/RTA Week 2 course builds on this knowledge by including more complex geometry, fluids and testing methods.

The Introduction to Cased Hole Logging course provides an overview of the principles and analysis of PL and Well integrity tools. The Foundation PL course teaches the QAQC and analysis of conventional single and multiphase flow profiling. The HPL (Horizontal PL) course covers the complexities of MPT (Multi-Probe Tools), such as FSI™, MAPS™ and FAST™. The Well Integrity Monitoring course focuses on the analysis of multi-finger calipers, noise and cement logs to assess the integrity of the different well barriers.

The KAPPA Formation Testing (Azurite – FT) course has been designed to teach the practical aspects of job design, data acquisition, QAQC and analysis of Formation Tests.

The Rubis Modeling and problem solving course deals with ‘what-ifs?’ and real life production issues such as coning, well placement and forecasting.

With the proliferation of unconventional resources the processing and analysis of multiple horizontal multifrac wells is covered in the URAP course.
These live, interactive sessions are for users to see what's new, pick up tips and ask questions on the new KAPPA-Workstation.

In-house training

KAPPA trains hundreds of client engineers in their own offices, every year.The advantage of an in-house session is that specific issues of client data can be covered in a workshop environment. As our trainers are highly experienced practitioners this, in effect, provides simultaneous consulting and training.